Basavareddy And Tien Advance To Second Round At Tiburon Challenger

Nishesh Basavareddy (photo: Natalie Kim)

TIBURON/STARNBERG, October 4, 2023

Teenagers continued to make a mark at the Tiburon Challenger, with 18-year-old US-American qualifier Nishesh Basavareddy and his 17-year-old compatriot and wild card entry Learner Tien, moving onto the Round of 16.

In the first day of doubles competition, Tiburon Challenger veterans Evan King  and Mitchell Krueger from the United States prevailed to move forward.


Men’s Singles First Round

[1] A. Michelsen (USA) d [Q] B. Schnur (CAN) 67(2) 63 64B. Tomic (AUS) d [4] D. Kudla (USA) 61 46 76(12)A. Walton (AUS) d [6] V. Pospisil (CAN) 64 76(5)[7] R. Peniston (GBR) d M. Krueger (USA) 76(4) 62[8] T. Sandgren (USA) d [Q] C. Kingsley (USA) 64 64[Q] T. Kwiatkowski (USA) d G. Mpetshi Perricard (FRA) 76(4) 63T. Schoolkate (AUS) d [WC] O. Baris (USA) 63 61M. Lajal (EST) d [Q] A. Perez (USA) 61 63[WC] L. Tien (USA) d [Q] G. Johns (USA) 62 64[Q] N. Basavareddy (USA) d A. Shelbayh (JOR) 60 42 Retired

Men’s Doubles First Round

E. King (USA) / M. Krueger (USA) d [3] C. Harrison (USA) / M. Libietis (LAT) 76(13) 63[WC] P. Kypson (USA) / E. Quinn (USA) d [WC] C. Langmo (USA) / L. Tusher (USA) 63 62 


Grossman-Kennedy Stadium start 11 a.m.J. Monday (GBR) vs A. Ritschard (SUI) [8] T. Sandgren (USA) vs [Q] N. Basavareddy (USA) V. Kirkov (USA) / D. Kudla (USA) vs A. Lawson (USA) / C. Puttergill (AUS) Not before 4:30 p.m.S. Johnson (USA) vs [3] Z. Svajda (USA)

Court 1 start 11 a.m.T. Schoolkate (AUS) / A. Walton (AUS) vs M. Kiger (USA) / B. Sigouin (CAN) G. Goldhoff (USA) / A. Perez (USA) vs [4] H. Hach Verdugo (MEX) / A. Sitak (NZL) [5] A. Galarneau (CAN) vs A. Dougaz (TUN) J. Monday (GBR) / M. Whitehouse (GBR) vs [2] L. Johnson (GBR) / S. Mansouri (TUN)

Court 2 start 12 noon[1] W. Blumberg (USA) / L. Martinez (VEN) vs F. Gomez (ARG) / K. Stevenson (CAN) After suitable rest – L. Lokoli (FRA) / A. Ritschard (SUI) vs R. Gonzales (PHI) / N. Moreno De Alboran (USA)