Filip Veger

Moraing Wins Kirschbaum International In Kaarst

KAARST, January 24, 2016 Mats Moraing is the champion of the $10,000 Kirschbaum Internatinonal ITF Future event in Kaarst, winning Sunday’s final against Filip Veger 6-1, 7-6. The 23-year-old German was wide awake right from the beginning, dictating most of […]

Kalenichenko And Kapric Claim Doubles Title In Kaarst

KAARST, January 23, 2016 Mats Moraing and Filip Veger will compete for the title of the $10,000 Kirschbaum International ITF Future event in Kaarst on Sunday. The world number 482 from Germany upset his fellow countryman and last remaining seed […]

ITF Future Stuttgart-Stammheim 2015 – Day 6

STUTTGART-STAMMHEIM It is the second consecutive week on the ITF Future Circuit, which is taking place in Germany. This time the Pro Tour has arrived in Stuttgart-Stammheim, in the north of Baden-Württemberg’s capital, where the combined event – named Südwestbank-Cup […]