US-Americans Meister, Johnson, Austin Proceed In Maui’s Qualifying

Nicolas Meister (photo: Ryan Trujillo/USTA Hawaii)

LAHAINA, January 25, 2016

The women took to the court on Sunday for the first day of the Women’s Singles Qualifying matches of the $50,000 ITF Tennis Championships of Maui. Hawaii Pacific University’s (HPU) Kristyna Hancarova (CZE), who received a wildcard to the tournament by winning a local wildcard tournament in Hawaii, overcame America’s Karina Kristina 2-6, 6-0, 6-2. Looking into the match, after losing the first set, Hancarova regained confidence and started to dominate the match.

“After I lost the first set, I realized I had nothing to lose. She started to show signs of weakness and I capitalized on it,” said Hancarova.

Hancarova, who is in her second year at HPU, enjoys playing for a team and prefers it over individual competition.

“I play for my girls (HPU). I have a team mentality and prefer to play for the team,” she concluded.

Hancarova is one of nine players representing HPU. In fact, Men’s Head Coach, Hendrik Bode and Women’s Assistant Coach, Nikola Petrov, are competing in the Main Draw of the Men’s Doubles Draw together. Brigham Young University Hawaii’s Min Liu also advanced today with a win over Sylvia Schenck (USA).

Nicolas Meister (photo: Ryan Trujillo/USTA Hawaii)

Nicolas Meister (photo: Ryan Trujillo/USTA Hawaii)

In the Men’s Qualifying Draw of the $50,000 ATP Challenger Sportmaster Tenni Championships of Maui, America’s Micahel Mmoh upset Canada’s (2) Philip Bester 7-6(6), 6-2. 2015 Maui Challenger finalist, Nicolas Meister (USA) advances with a win over Joe Salisbury (GBR) 6-0, 6-4. Eric Johnson (USA) upset (8) Takanyi Garangana after Garanganga retired in the third set, 5-7,7-5, 3-0 (ret.).

In perhaps one of the tightest match of the day, American hopeful Gonzales Austin had a momentous win over former world no.39, Marinko Matosevic (AUS) 7-6(2), 4-6, 6-3.


Qualifying Singles – Second Round

Qualifying – [1] A. Bolt (AUS) d D. Smethurst (GBR) 76(2) 36 62

Qualifying – M. Mmoh (USA) d [2] P. Bester (CAN) 76(6) 62

Qualifying – G. Austin (USA) d [3] M. Matosevic (AUS) 76(2) 46 63

Qualifying – [4] N. Meister (USA) d J. Salisbury (GBR) 60 64

Qualifying – [5] E. Quigley (USA) d T. Matsui (JPN) 63 61

Qualifying – [6] G. Quinzi (ITA) d M. Gong (CHN) 62 62

Qualifying – [7] E. Escobedo (USA) d H. Peng (TPE) 64 63

Qualifying – E. Johnson (USA) d [8] T. Garanganga (ZIM) 57 75 30 Retired

Singles – First Round

Qualifying – [8] B. Boren (USA) d E. Able (USA) 61 60

Qualifying – R. Ueda (JPN) d A. Isaeva (RUS) 76(4) 63

Qualifying – N. Knickerbocker (USA) d C. Patton (USA) 60 63

Qualifying – [WC] K. Hancarova (CZE) d K. Vyrlan (USA) 26 60 62

Qualifying – M. Liu (CHN) d S. Schenck (USA) 62 63

Qualifying – C. Mcdonald (USA) d A. Ustinoff (KAZ) 62 63

Qualifying – S. Hsieh (TPE) d [WC] N. Hoynaski (AUS) 64 62

Qualifying – S. Leon (MEX) d S. Luk (USA) 64 60

Qualifying – A. Kratzer (USA) d T. Parravi (USA) 61 61


CENTER start 9:00

ATP – Qualifying – M. Mmoh (USA) vs E. Johnson (USA)

Not Before 10:00

ATP – [3] J. Duckworth (AUS) vs A. Golubev (KAZ)

Not Before 12:00

ATP – [WC] H. Bode (GER) / N. Petrov (BUL) vs [2] A. Bolt (AUS) / F. Moser (GER)

ATP – G. Zemlja (SLO) vs F. Tiafoe (USA)

COURT 5 start 9:00

ATP – Qualifying – [4] N. Meister (USA) vs [6] G. Quinzi (ITA)

Not Before 10:00

ATP – H. Laaksonen (SUI) vs [8] D. Novikov (USA)

ATP – [WC] T. Berland (FRA) vs [WC] N. Rubin (USA)

ATP – M. Krueger (USA) vs [4] B. Fratangelo (USA)

COURT 1 start 9:00

ITF – Qualifying – [1] M. Linette (POL) vs R. Ueda (JPN)

ITF – Qualifying – A. Kratzer (USA) vs [6] N. Hanatani (JPN)

ITF – Qualifying – M. Liu (CHN) vs [8] B. Boren (USA)

ATP – R. Gonzales (PHI) / D. Walsh (GBR) vs J. Jung (TPE) / D. Novikov (USA)

COURT 2 start 9:00

ITF – Qualifying – N. Knickerbocker (USA) vs [5] J. Failla (USA)

ITF – Qualifying – [3] A. Riley (USA) vs C. Mcdonald (USA)

ITF – Qualifying – S. Hsieh (TPE) vs [7] E. Levashova (RUS)

ATP – M. Donati (ITA) / A. Golubev (KAZ) vs Z. Li (CHN) / D. Wu (CHN)

COURT 6 start 9:00

ATP – Qualifying – [1] A. Bolt (AUS) vs [5] E. Quigley (USA)

ATP – Qualifying – G. Austin (USA) vs [7] E. Escobedo (USA)

ATP – [7] B. Rola (SLO) vs M. Trungelliti (ARG)

ATP – [3] M. Gong (CHN) / H. Peng (TPE) vs [WC] G. Austin (USA) / C. Smith (USA)

COURT 7 start 9:00

ITF – Qualifying – [2] R. Ushijima (JPN) vs [WC] K. Hancarova (CZE)

ITF – Qualifying – [4] N. Chimura (JPN) vs S. Leon (MEX)

Not Before 12:00

ATP – [WC] N. Meister (USA) / E. Quigley (USA) vs P. Bester (CAN) / P. Polansky (CAN)