Neckarcup Earns Third ATP Challenger Of The Year Award

Organizers of the Neckarcup in Heilbronn: Metehan Cebeci, Mine Cebeci and Tom Bucher

HEILBRONN, December 21, 2019

The best tournaments on the ATP Challenger Tour have been revealed with the Neckarcup in Heilbronn named Tournament of the Year for a third straight season. Tucked in the southwest corner of Germany, less than an hour north of Stuttgart, Heilbronn’s tranquility provides players with a relaxed setting for a tournament.

“I’m just happy that we have received this award for the third time in a row,” said Mine Cebeci, one of three organizers of the clay-court event.

“We know that we do our work passionately and with attention to detail. This award shows that a lot of people seem to be pleased and satisfied with our work. We have not rested on the laurels of the past two years, as we have made an even bigger effort to be even better. It is very nice to see that our work finds recognition and this encourages us on our way. Being the Best Challenger of the Year is the best Christmas present for the entire Neckarcup team.” 

The seventh edition of the Neckarcup will be held from May 11 to 17, 2020 at the TC Heilbronn Trappensee E.V. 1892, one of the few remaining clubs on the ATP Challenger Tour to be founded in the 19th century. The singles champion will receive €12,250 in prize money as well as 100 ATP Ranking points.

The 2019 ATP Challenger Tour calendar had 158 tournaments scheduled, with prize money ranging from $54,160 up to $162,480. The Sparkassen Open in Braunschweig, the Puerto Vallarta Open and the Pekao Szczecin Open also received the award.

“These Challenger awards have significant meaning to promoters as they are a validation of their hard work and commitment to staging an excellent event. Players appreciate the way these tournaments are operated and how the event organizers try their utmost to ensure a fantastic player experience throughout the week,” said ATP Challenger Tour Committee Co-Chairs, Alison Lee, quoted on the ATP Challenger Tour website.

“This year, there is a mix of four repeat winners, new and old. Braunschweig and Szczecin have both staged high-quality Challengers for more than 25 years, while Puerto Vallarta and Heilbronn are only a few years old, but have been committed to staging the best possible event from the very beginning.”