David Haggerty Re-Elected President Of The ITF

David Haggerty

ITF Press Release, September 27, 2019

David Haggerty has been re-elected International Tennis Federation (ITF) President, during the first round of voting at the ITF Annual General Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday 27 September. David Haggerty, of the United States, will serve a four-year term from 2019-23.

The total number of votes registered was 437, with 428 valid votes cast. There were no spoiled ballots and 9 abstentions meaning 215 votes were required to reach a majority.

Full result:

Name Number of Votes Percentage
David Haggerty 259 60.5%
Anil Khanna 93 21.7%
David Miley 46 10.8%
Ivo Kaderka 30 7%


The voting procedure was conducted by the Election Panel (a sub-group of the independent Ethics Commission) and independent auditors.