Ulrich Klaus Confirmed As President Of The German Tennis Federation

The new chairmanship of the German Tennis Federation (photo: DTB/Lana Roßdeutscher)

WIESBADEN, November 19, 2017

As part of the 69th Ordinary General Meeting of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) at the Dorint Hotel Pallas in Wiesbaden, President Ulrich Klaus was unanimously confirmed in office for a further three years after a successful first legislative period.

Also re-elected were Vice-Presidents Dirk Hordorff, Ph.D. Eva-Maria Schneider and Hans-Wolfgang Kende. New in the presidency of the umbrella organisation are Dr. med. Dieter Göken, responsible for the budget and finances department, who succeeds Ralf-Eberhard Böcker, Thomas Heil for the competition sports department, replacing Bernd Greiner and Dr. Ing. Karl-Heinz Kutz (sports development), who takes over the position of Reiner Beushausen.

In addition to the election of the chairmanship and various speakers, there were also numerous honors. Among others, Alexander Zverev Senior, father of “Sascha” and Mischa Zverev, was awarded as Coach of the Year 2017.