US Open Tickets Now Available As 2024 Theme “Celebrating The Power Of Tennis” Is Unveiled

US Open (photo: Michael Dickens)

FLUSHING, N.Y., June 3, 2024 (USTA Press Release)

Tickets for the 2024 US Open go on sale to the general public today, as the USTA proudly unveils its theme for the 2024 US Open: “Celebrating the Power of Tennis.” This year’s theme is brought to life with creative and dynamic artwork that will celebrate many of the powerful elements of tennis, the world’s healthiest sport, on its greatest stage, the US Open, with an innovative and unique visual vocabulary.

Created by Chelsey Farris, a talented artist and graphic designer from St. Louis, Missouri, the 2024 theme art features a collection of 16 uniquely designed tennis balls, each drawing attention to an impactful element of tennis.

The primary piece, pictured above, features a can of four balls set against a signature US Open blue court, representing, from top to bottom, ‘Health & Wellness,’ ‘New York City,’ ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ and ‘Tradition.’ Each of the 16 tennis ball designs, all pictured below, will be utilized across all variations of the artwork and on-site installations at the US Open.

“Creating the theme art for the US Open is the type of project that fuels my love for design—not just for its scale, but for its significance to a diverse and passionate fanbase,” Farris said. “Developing an identity for ‘The Power of Tennis’ meant designing a theme that resonates uniquely with each fan—a tennis ball might represent an escape from reality, a fun pastime, a lifelong purpose, or a cherished childhood memory. By crafting various vignettes within the tennis balls, I aimed to capture these diverse emotions while adding versatility. Instead of a single static layout, I developed a scalable design system adaptable to multiple touchpoints, allowing the work to be repurposed in innovative ways. It has been a thrilling challenge and a privilege!”

A number of activations will also take place during US Open Fan Week and the Main Draw to celebrate the power of tennis, including oversized tennis ball installations throughout the grounds featuring the elemental designs.

“Celebrating the Power of Tennis” to Inspire Healthier People and Communities Everywhere

“Celebrating the Power of Tennis” at the US Open is a commitment to promote the positive effects of the world’s healthiest sport on its biggest stage.

According to multiple sources and studies (all listed below), tennis has been shown to have a more positive impact on the health of its participants than any other sport. Earlier this year, the USTA unveiled its goal of making America the No. 1 tennis playing nation, with 35 million players, by 2035, under its new mission:  “Growing tennis to inspire healthier people and communities everywhere.”

“Tennis is uniquely situated to inspire healthier people and communities everywhere,” said Dr. Brian Hainline, USTA Chairman of the Board and President. “Science informs us that playing tennis prolongs life while improving mental, physical, and social health. The US Open is the biggest sport platform in America, and this year we are showcasing the health and life enhancing impact of tennis for people of all abilities across our great country.”

Included in the positive effects of tennis:

  • Tennis players on average lived an additional 9.7 years than sedentary individuals*.
  • The 9.7 additional years for tennis players ranked highest among all sports included within the study, beating out soccer by 5 years (4.7), cycling by 6 years (3.7), swimming by 6.3 years (3.4) and jogging by 6.5 years (3.2).*
  • Participation in racquet sports such as tennis reduces risk of all-cause mortality by 47 percent and cardiovascular-related death by 56 percent.**
  • Consistent, regular recreational competition provided by sports leagues like tennis present significant social and emotional health benefits. The sense of community built through participating in USTA Leagues significantly improved players’ sense of happiness and minimized depressive symptoms.***
  • Tennis players generally exhibit higher self-esteem and optimism compared to other athletes and non-athletes. In addition, tennis players generally manifest lower rates of anxiety, anger, and depression when compared to their athlete and non-athlete peers.****

The 2024 US Open will be held over three weeks at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, from Monday, August 19, through Sunday, September 8. The excitement will begin with US Open Fan Week, during which the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center are free and open to the public. Fan Week includes the US Open Qualifying Tournament and numerous other events and activities, many to be announced in the near future. The Main Draw will take place beginning on Monday, August 26, concluding with the Women’s Singles Final on Saturday, September 7, and the Men’s Singles Final on Sunday, September 8.