2024 WTA Hamburg European Open Relocated To Iasi

WTA Hamburg European Open (photo: Florian Heer)

HAMBURG, May 30, 2024

Due to scheduling conflicts in the lead-up to the Olympic Games, the WTA 250 women’s tennis tournament will not take place in Hamburg in 2024. Instead, the tournament license for the Hamburg European Open 2024 will be temporarily relocated to the city of Iasi, Romania.

“We are in an exceptional year and had to make the difficult decision to pause the tournament after considering all possible scenarios, to avoid jeopardizing the license. We have informed the State Sports Office about this,” tournament director Sandra Reichel stated in a press release. “For the future, we are already in good discussions to develop a long-term solution in Hamburg. Hamburg deserves a world-class women’s tennis tournament.”

The tight tournament schedule in the Olympic year and the separation into separate women’s and men’s tournaments with different organizers have prevented a WTA 250 tournament from taking place at the usual venue at Rothenbaum this year. The interim plan to use a temporary location at the tennis facility in Hamburg’s city park also could not be realized.

“We regret this,” says Sports State Councilor Christoph Holstein. “But with today’s decision, preparations for next year’s women’s tournament begin. We continue to support the organizer in efforts to secure a 500-series tournament, and we are committed to the Rothenbaum location. From next year, we will achieve long-term stability through fixed, non-competing dates for the women’s and men’s tournaments in Hamburg.”

Ticket buyers will, of course, have the option to request a refund or rebook for 2025 with a loyalty bonus.