Kwiatkowski Advances At Southern California Open 2

Thai-Son Kwiatkowski (photo: Lexie Wanninger/USTA SoCal)


Last week it was Irvine’s Omni Kumar sending the Southern California Open No. 1 seed Federico Gaio of Italy to an early first-round dismissal. On Wednesday, as the first round came to a close at this week’s ATP Challenger Tour 50 event in Indian Wells, it was qualifier Andre Ilagan from Hawaii who gave the No. 2 Gaio his walking papers and another early exit following Ilagan’s 6-2, 7-5 win.

Ilagan joined fellow qualifiers Bor Artnak of Slovenia and Bruno Kuzuhara, who advanced to the second round, as did No. 8 Thai-Son Kwiatkowski, who beat Newport Beach qualifier Max McKennon.

Last week’s doubles champions Ryan Seggerman and Patrik Trhac opened their title defense with a solid 7-6 (2), 6-4 win over former UCLA players Keegan Smith and Evan Zhu. Seggerman-Trhac have now won 46 of their last 48 matches they’ve played since first teaming up in July.


Singles – First Round

[Q] A. Ilagan (USA) d [2] F. Gaio (ITA) 62 75

[8] T. Kwiatkowski (USA) d [Q] M. Mckennon (USA) 64 63

[Q] B. Artnak (SLO) d [Alt] J. Trotter (JPN) 63 75

[Q] B. Kuzuhara (USA) d M. Pecotic (CRO) 76(5) 06 62

[PR] P. Jubb (GBR) d [Q] O. Baris (USA) 76(1) 62

T. Handel (GER) d [Q] M. Soto (CHI) 64 64

Doubles – First Round

[1] R. Seggerman (USA) / P. Trhac (USA) d [WC] K. Smith (USA) / E. Zhu (USA) 76(2) 64

G. Goldhoff (USA) / J. Trotter (JPN) d [2] R. Gonzales (PHI) / M. Krueger (USA) 64 62

[3] S. Duncan (GBR) / H. Reese (USA) d H. Hach Verdugo (MEX) / T. Sandgren (USA) 36 76(6) 11-9

G. Oradini (ITA) / M. Soto (CHI) d [4] M. Kalovelonis (GRE) / B. Lock (ZIM) 63 63

T. Kwiatkowski (USA) / A. Lawson (USA) d D. Cukierman (ISR) / R. Stepanov (ISR) 63 62

T. Handel (GER) / T. Whiting (USA) d E. Clark (USA) / G. Debru (FRA) 67(2) 64 10-8

S. Fanselow (GER) / L. Gerch (GER) d [WC] T. Svajda (USA) / Z. Svajda (USA) 57 64 10-7

T. Fancutt (AUS) / A. Rai (NZL) d M. Kiger (USA) / B. Sigouin (CAN) 64 36 10-6