Main Draw Action At Tiburon Challenger Gets Underway

Alexis Galarneau(photo: Natalie Kim)

TIBURON, October 3, 2023

Main draw action of the Tiburon Challenger, a $80,000 hard-court event being held at the Tiburon Peninsula Club in California, began on Monday and saw Canadian Alexis Galarneau defeat Patrick Kypson from the United States in a close-fought match.

US-American Zach Svajda returned to defend his title and bested his compatriot Chris Harrison in another close match.


Men’s Singles First Round

Ritschard (SUI) d [2] N. Moreno De Alboran (USA) 62 75
[3] Z. Svajda (USA) d [PR] C. Harrison (USA) 76(6) 75
[5] A. Galarneau (CAN) d P. Kypson (USA) 76(5) 64
S. Johnson (USA) d [WC] S. Dostanic (USA) 76(3) 36 62
A. Dougaz (TUN) d M. Poljicak (CRO) 76(3) 64
J. Monday (GBR) d L. Lokoli (FRA) 76(3) 62

Men’s Qualifying Singles Second Round

[Q] [PR] B. Schnur (CAN) d [2] S. Mansouri (TUN) 76(2) 76(2)
[Q] [Alt] A. Perez (USA) d [4] E. Zhu (USA) 64 62
[Q] T. Kwiatkowski (USA) d [6] F. Gomez (ARG) 76(5) 61
[Q] N. Basavareddy (USA) d [9] A. Mayo (USA) 75 75
[Q] C. Kingsley (USA) d [WC] T. Svajda (USA) 63 46 61
[Q] [WC] G. Johns (USA) d A. Cozbinov (MDA) 64 16 61 

Tues., Oct. 3, ORDER OF PLAY

[Q] G. Johns (USA) vs [WC] L. Tien (USA)
[8] T. Sandgren (USA) vs [Q] C. Kingsley (USA)
[1] A. Michelsen (USA) vs [Q] B. Schnur (CAN)

Not Before 4:30 p.m.
[4] D. Kudla (USA) vs B. Tomic (AUS)

COURT 1 start 10 a.m.
M. Krueger (USA) vs [7] R. Peniston (GBR)
[Q] A. Perez (USA) vs M. Lajal (EST)
[WC] C. Langmo (USA) / L. Tusher (USA) vs [WC] P. Kypson (USA) / E. Quinn (USA)
[3] C. Harrison (USA) / M. Libietis (LAT) vs E. King (USA) / M. Krueger (USA)  

COURT 2 start 10 a.m.
[WC] O. Baris (USA) vs T. Schoolkate (AUS)
G. Mpetshi Perricard (FRA) vs [Q] T. Kwiatkowski (USA)
[Q] N. Basavareddy (USA) vs A. Shelbayh (JOR)
A. Walton (AUS) vs [6] V. Pospisil (CAN)