Elevating Tennis Performance: ATP & TDI Unveil Tennis IQ Analytics Platform

ATP Tour

LONDON, September 25, 2023 (ATP Press Release)

ATP and Tennis Data Innovations (TDI) have announced the launch of Tennis IQ, a brand-new performance analytics platform that democratises access to cutting-edge data and insights for players on the ATP Tour.

Launching today, Tennis IQ gives ATP singles players access to advanced match analytics, all in one simple and intuitive platform. Tennis IQ combines rich historical datasets and live in-match data to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date insights – helping players optimise their preparation, on-court performance, and post-match analysis. The creation of TDI, the joint-venture between ATP and ATP Media for the central management of data across the ATP Tour, has been critical in facilitating this.

Ross Hutchins, ATP Chief Tour Officer, stated: “Never before have high-quality analytics been as readily available to so many players, as it is with this platform. Tennis IQ will help create a level playing field across the Pepperstone ATP Rankings – enabling more players and their teams to perform at their best. It also reflects the emphasis we are putting on data innovation as a business. We’re thrilled to see Tennis IQ in action and to continue advancing the product.”

Tennis IQ’s features set includes interactive court graphics, allowing players to easily visualise their own performance data. This empowers deep dives into their most and least successful patterns of play during matches, helping drive informed decisions on the court. Metrics include the full suite of TDI-developed insights such as Shot Quality, In Attack and Steal Score.

The scout section enables players to access detailed information on upcoming opponents. This unlocks comprehensive analysis of player tendencies and patterns. Players are also able to compare performance against individual players or see how they stack up against ATP Tour averages, facilitating a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement.

Tennis IQ, built together with TennisViz, forms part of the sport’s strategic push to capture the value of official match data, spearheaded by TDI. Its live in-game capabilities are also set to add a fascinating new dimension to off-court coaching, first introduced across the ATP Tour in 2022, which enables coaches to interact with their players during matches.

David Lampitt, TDI CEO, said: “Tennis IQ is the latest step in our journey to unlock the power of tennis data. It brings the sport’s incredible data richness to life for players – adding another layer of analysis and strategy to the on-court action. Our investment in capturing deep data from every court across the ATP Tour has enabled the delivery of Tennis IQ and we’re going to continue pushing these capabilities even further in years to come.”

Tennis IQ will be accessible to ATP Tour players via both mobile and desktop. Subsequent iterations of the platform are already in development for 2024.